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BOPP Laminated Bags

Product Details ( ₹75/KG Onwards)
Minimum Order Quantity
500 KG
Non Woven Fabric
Use For
Shopping Bags / Grocery Bags
Price Range
80-200 INR/ Kilograms
Plain & Multicolor Both (Customized Also)
All Size (Different sizes available as per customer requirements)
All GSM Available

Non Woven Bags Manufacturer in India

At Satnam Overseas, we’re here to make sure you have everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. Our non-woven bags are a great solution for all kinds of businesses, from industrial and manufacturing to retail and wholesale. We’ve been in the industry for over 10 years, so we know exactly what it takes to keep your machines running at peak efficiency.

We offer a wide range of products: Non-woven bags, D Cut Non-woven bags, W Cut Non-woven bags, U Cut Non-woven bags—all at affordable prices! We can also customize these products for you if you need something special for your business.

If you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of non-woven bags in India, look no further than Satnam Overseas!

Our Products

Non Woven Bags

Non-woven bags are manufactured from non woven fabric. Non-woven fabrics are extensively characterized sheet or web structures bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments (and by perforating films) mechanically, thermally or chemically. Non woven bags were first introduced in China, crafted with care from spun-bond non-woven polypropylene (PP) cloth. The use of polypropylene lends the bags the appearance and texture of cloth.

Benefits Of Non Woven Carry Bags

1.Environment-Friendly:  These are 100% green and Eco-friendly. These are Biodegradable. These do not release toxic gas or chemical while being disposed of. On the other hand, plastic bags are non-biodegradable and are harmful to the environment. So non-woven bags are said to be Eco-friendly bags.

2. Reduce, Reuse And Recycle:  Non-woven bags are 100% recyclable. You can recycle non-woven bags and help to keep our nature clean and green. Non-woven bags can be reused. You can wash them and use again.

3. Durable:  When contrasted with the conventional shopping bags, the non-woven bags are dependable and can last up to 5 years. Basically, these bags can be utilized and reused a few hundred times and can convey more loads when contrasted with the customary shopping bags. These bags are water-resistant, attractive and recyclable. These bags won’t break, tear or wear out like paper bags or PET bags. So, non-woven bags definitely rank better than the other counterparts.

4. Advertising Tool:  On the non-woven bag, printing can be done. So there are a lot of non-woven bag manufacturers who can print a logo as well as the brand name of the company and creates attractive bags and it also attracts the customer. So non-woven bag can prove to be a great advertising tool for companies. Also, there are various colors and sizes are available of a non-woven bag.

5. Liquid Repellent:  Non-woven bags are waterproof bags. So you can carry these bags in rainy season also whereas plastic bags are not waterproof.

Understanding BOPP Laminated Non Woven Bags

In a world dominated by the quest for sustainable alternatives, BOPP laminated bags have emerged as a beacon of eco-friendly fashion. This article delves into the multifaceted realm of these bags, exploring their design, manufacturing process, and the crucial role played by wholesalers, suppliers, and manufacturers in shaping the marketBOPP laminated non-woven bags seamlessly merge style and sustainability, proving that fashion can coexist with eco-conscious choices. These bags, with their sleek appearance and durable build, are rewriting the narrative of eco-friendly fashion

The Manufacturing Magic

Behind the scenes, there’s a fascinating manufacturing process that transforms raw materials into these chic accessories. From the initial stages of selecting non-woven materials to the intricate lamination process, every step contributes to the bags’ appeal and strength.

The Role of Wholesalers in the BOPP Non Woven Bags Saga

Wholesalers stand as the gatekeepers of variety, ensuring that retailers and consumers have access to a diverse range of BOPP laminated non-woven bags. Their role extends beyond distribution; they are trendsetters, influencing which designs and features gain prominence.Collaboration with wholesalers is pivotal for retailers. Establishing sustainable partnerships ensures a smooth supply chain, enabling a continuous flow of these eco-friendly bags to meet the growing demand.

The Backbone: Suppliers and Manufacturers

Suppliers play a crucial role in the BOPP non-woven bags ecosystem by providing high-quality raw materials. The selection process involves considering both aesthetics and environmental impact, emphasizing the commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability in BOPP Non-Woven Bags Production

Many BOPP Non-Woven Bags are recyclable, contributing to sustainability efforts. Choose manufacturers and suppliers committed to eco-friendly practices for a greener choice.Some manufacturers focus on reducing the environmental impact of their production processes. This includes minimizing waste, energy consumption, and emissions.


Innovation in BOPP Non-Woven Bags

Innovation in BOPP Non-Woven Bags includes the ability to create custom designs. Brands can leverage this feature to showcase their unique identity through packaging.Stay updated on technological advancements in BOPP Non-Woven Bags. New technologies may offer improved features such as smart packaging solutions that enhance user experience.



Uses Of Non Woven Carry Bags

These bags are a vastly improved alternative than PE or Polyethylene bags as they are made utilizing polypropylene (PP) which has a very different structure than Polyethylene. As PE has a more steady structure, it is substantially harder to separate. Truth be told, it takes around 300 years for it to get totally bio-degraded. On the contrary, as PP has a less stable chemical structure, it is liable to chain degradation.

You can buy non-woven bags online on our site and used in grocery store, departmental store, promotional companies, wine bags, cake and coffee bags, food bags to carry large amounts of flour, rice, etc., garment bags, thermal bags, messenger bags, foldable bags, handbags with zippers and drawstring gift bags.

If you are looking forward to procuring quality non-woven bags – then make sure you’re getting in touch with the reputable non woven bags manufacturer in India. Non-woven carriers are the most environmentally friendly and the most versatile and practical bags in the marketplace today.

Conclusion: A Fashionable Step Towards a Greener Future

BOPP laminated non-woven bags are not just accessories; they are a conscious choice towards a sustainable and stylish future. By understanding the intricate dance of fashion and eco-friendliness, consumers can actively contribute to a world where style and sustainability coexist seamlessly.

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BOPP Laminated Bags, Bopp laminated non woven bags, Bopp Non Woven Bags wholesaler , Bopp Non Woven Bags supplier, Bopp Non Woven Bags manufacturer

BOPP Laminated Bags, Bopp laminated non woven bags, Bopp Non Woven Bags wholesaler , Bopp Non Woven Bags supplier, Bopp Non Woven Bags manufacturer

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